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Cynthia Closkey

Very persuasive. I pledge my posterior to the cause too.


I would volunteer my bum to the cause if I hadn't already signed a deal with Tunesmith & Anthony (T&A).

Disgruntled Tool-Room Clerk

I'll do it, too, on the grounds that UPMC CEO Jeffrey Romoff gets lip prints tattooed on his ass.

After all, Pittsburgh has been kissing it for years.


If you get the UPMC tattoo across your forehead rather than your ass, that will eliminate your need for a hair transplant. Just a thought... kind of a "two-fer."


I realize I'm a year and a half late, but just read your article. I'd donate my rearend but I just laughed my ass off. Good Stuff. BUT, they didn't even put up all the letters. It was UP_C or U_MC or something very tacky. Funny thing is I was driving past Mercy Hospital yesterday, which they just recently bought and the U and P are missing from that logo so now the hospital logo reads...MC MERCY! You should take a drive by it. Pick up the CEO on your way.

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